Local Links

Read the News?
Coast Views Magazine
Local Monthly Magazine.
Half Moon Bay Review
Local Newspaper.
High Tides Magazine
Local monthly magazine.
San Francisco Chronicle (SF Gate)
Local/Regional/National newspaper.
San Jose Mercury News
Local/Regional Newspaper.
San Mateo County Times
County Newspaper.
Our Favorite Lodge
Half Moon Bay Lodge
Located behind Half Moon Bay Joe's Restaurant, Half Moon Bay Lodge offers gracious hospitality, luxurious guestrooms and exceptional conference facilities for groups up to 60.
Our Favorite
Community Services
Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside
Youth Services.
Coastside Adult Day Healthcare Center
Senior Services.
Guitars Not Guns
Youth Services.
Half Moon Bay Coastside
Chamber of Commerce
And Visitor's Bureau
Information about local businesses
and services.
Half Moon Bay Public Library
Library Services.
Senior Coastsiders
Senior Services.
Performing Arts
Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society
Local music performance facility.
Coastside Repertory Theatre
Local theatrical arts center.
Peninsula Children's Theater
Peninsula children's theater association.

Want To Play Golf?
Half Moon Bay Golf Links
Located behind Half Moon Bay Joe's Restaurant is our local golf course.
Fine Wine
Obester Winery
Our Own Local Winery.